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At the end of the 21st century, the future of humanity hangs in
the balance, caught between the radioactive waste of a half century of
nuclear wars and the repressive authority of the Republic. Angels
sacrifice their wings to join a secret fraternity of freedom fighters,
risking classification as mutants and consignment to the Republic’s
slave dens. Each warrior is a volunteer, but no angel anticipates the
full cost of his fall.

The eyes of the Republic are everywhere.

Delilah Desjardins knows she is fated to become the new Oracle of the Republic—even if unseen enemies will murder her to prevent that from happening. When her former haven is destroyed and she finds herself on the run, Delilah doesn’t know where to turn.

Rafe is a fallen angel, charged with protecting Delilah and ensuring she meets her destiny—even if she doesn’t believe he’s only there to help. The powerful attraction between them makes Delilah doubt her ability to resist Rafe’s charm—and the price she could pay for pleasure. She flees Rafe’s protection, but that only sets assassins on her trail. As Rafe races to save Delilah, he knows he isn’t just saving her for the good of the Republic—he’s saving her for himself.

“Claire Delacroix’s GUARDIAN is fantastic! Delacroix artistically blends the futuristic setting with fantasy to create a beautiful and gripping story…I couldn’t put this book down!”—Romance Junkies