F5 3 In the Midnight Hour eBook

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Damon has a secret…

Every Friday night, the F5 partner who is the quiet powerhouse leaves on the dot of five without explanation. Where does Damon go? What does he do? His partners want to know, but Damon can’t bring himself to share the truth about his mom’s battle with cancer. She’s the anchor in his life and he doesn’t know how he’ll go on without her. In the middle of the night, when he’s most alone, he wants to control all the variables for someone, to prove he’s not completely powerless. He doesn’t expect to find such a willing, or seductive, volunteer.

Haley loves solving mysteries…

Especially ones like the gorgeous guy who visits her favorite patient every Friday night. He must be Natasha’s son, but is he also the model on the billboard for that fitness club downtown? Where did he learn therapeutic massage? Even though she’s a nurse, Haley’s interest in him and his skill isn’t just professional. She wants to feel those hands on her own skin, for as long as possible. One night, she takes a chance and asks for a lesson from him, only to discover that she has a hunger for the sensation only Damon can satisfy.

In the Midnight Hour is the third book in the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances. When you buy your copy here, you'll receive an email from BookFunnel with a link to get your book in either EPUB or MOBI format. BookFunnel will also provide technical support to ensure you get the book onto your reading device of choice. The PDF file here is just a placeholder, which explains this same thing.