CSE5 - The Crusader's Handfast Trade Paperback

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A pilgrimage to Jerusalem with her mistress has left the maid Radegunde determined to live every moment to the fullest. She dreads the return to routine and her inevitable marriage to a reliable man, so convinces the warrior Duncan to make merry with her while their respective masters linger in Paris. Dancing and singing are not the sole revels in Radegunde’s plans, for she means to taste passion with this man who snared her attention in Venice. Duncan is convinced his own heart is lost forever, but Radegunde’s allure cannot be denied. When he surrenders to her seduction, Duncan suggests a handfast, knowing that
even this honor is far less than she deserves. Radegunde, however, is
not interested in half-measures, and resolves to win Duncan’s love, no
matter what the cost. Will she succeed in her quest? Or will their paths
part forever, and do as much too soon?