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Dear Reader:

Alluring and dangerous, the Hawk of Inverfyre came to rest at my father’s house, his motives unknown. His seduction was breathtaking. I resisted him, this enigmatic warrior, but his kiss transported me to a time and place where his relentless pursuit and my passionate surrender made perfect sense.

’Twas then I erred. My defenses harried, I was tricked into marriage
by the Hawk and taken by force to his lawless castle. I have vowed to
flee: The grounds abound with rogues and whores, and the servants
whisper of murdered wives. And yet, his dizzying touch hints that we
have lived here before – he as the castle’s intrepid founder and I as
his betrayed lover.

Am I the bride who will break the spell of Inverfyre? Or have I been captured by a scheming sorcerer, only to be ravished and discarded like so many before?

—Lady Aileen of Abernye

“Delacroix’s satisfying tale leaves the reader hungry for the next offering.”—Booklist