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Ryke wants nothing more than to escape the space pirates of the Gloria
Furore and go home to his young son. He’s pretended to share their viewsand has worked his way up the ranks to co-pilot of the Armada Seven, commanded by the most vicious space captain of all. The capture of Princess Anguissa and her ship, the Archangel, is a moment of triumph for his superior—except that Anguissa never plays by anyone’s rules. In a flash of dragon fire, she incinerates most of the crew and takes command of the Armada Seven. Ryke is spared, but he’s not sure why—what plans does the beautiful dragon princess have for his future? And what will she demand to grant his wish of returning home?

This free sample of Wyvern's Outlaw includes the entire first chapter. Wyvern's Outlaw will be available on November 29.